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Culture audit
Mission, vision & values
Engagement survey
Employee engagement & benefits


Leadership development
Leadership coaching
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Competency framework
Performance coaching


Recruitment & selection
HR consulting and coaching
Independent workplace investigations
HR frameworks; policies & procedures


About Me

I am Casey O’Brien, Managing director of Culture Up and an avid Carlton supporter. As a passionate people leader with over 20 years of experience coaching and leading teams, I have the skills, emotional intelligence and motivation to see your business needs met, with a ‘down to earth’, people-focused, approach.

With experience in retail, finance and legal industries, I have a deep understanding of the varied challenges that come from the demands of both frontline and office work. A strong operational background also allows for the appreciation of delivering on fundamental company objectives. I am well placed in connecting the dots between what makes employees tick, and what businesses really need to succeed in building a robust and engaging culture.

I am committed to supporting your business to provide the best employment experience possible and in return, fostering an environment that has engaged team members who want to stay and perform well.

Equally, I have an appreciation of the increasing expectations on businesses and leaders to balance competing priorities of growth, sustainability, and compliance. All whilst attracting, retaining and motivating a workplace of highly engaged people.

My role and involvement within your business enables your workplace to focus on what it does best, whilst I provide additional resources, advice and expertise to elevate your culture to where you want it to be.

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Culture Up

Helping you improve culture

At Culture Up, we partner with your business to provide the additional resources and expertise, to elevate your culture to where you want it to be. We take a down to earth, human approach and are committed to supporting your business, to provide the best employment experience possible.

We believe in fostering an environment that engages and supports leadership growth, with training and development programs. We believe in working shoulder to shoulder and taking a collaborative approach to get the best out of people.

Our mission is to partner with businesses and present recommendations to create a workplace culture that places people first, enhances your employee’s wellbeing and engagement levels and overall supports a cohesive workplace environment.

We are committed to providing a suite of flexible HR and leadership development services that are tailored to the unique needs of each business that we work with. We pride ourselves on identifying opportunities to unlock new levels of possibility for your people and seeing your business elevate as a result.


Culture audit

Connecting with your people and leaders to gain insights and understanding of strengths and opportunities for your business.

Engagement surveys

Engagement surveys We can conduct anonymous surveys that cover key areas of the employee experience. Giving your team an opportunity to give you insights you may not be aware of.

Mission, vision & values

Creating or refreshing your purpose, mission and or values to support your employer branding and create clarity of expectations for your team and business.

Employee benefits

Analysis, costings, and recommendations of employee benefits for your workplace.

Leadership development

We can provide in-house training to your leaders on a broad range of leadership topics or tailor a program to your chosen focus areas. We can also provide one on one coaching to elevate the attitude, motivation, and performance of your leaders.

Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Facilitate training around key elements of emotional intelligence.


We provide crucial workplace training to ensure employee understanding of key topics and to protect your vicarious liability.

Career pathways

Helping your business to establish transparent career pathways for each role within your business, providing growth opportunities for employees.

Competency framework

Help you to design a framework that shows your team the capabilities they need to demonstrate, to successfully grow within the business.


Effectively identify gaps in team or individual capability. We work with your leaders and employees to bridge these gaps.

HR consulting and coaching

HR consulting and coaching We will provide you with objective consultation in all facets of HR.


We will free up your time by conducting all due diligence and pre-checks, phone screening etc before presenting you with quality candidates to Interview. We can also head hunt on your behalf.

Independent workplace investigations

When an impartial, experienced person is needed to navigate complex matters to ensure procedural fairness and risk minimisation

Conflict management

Conflict management When tensions run high, we can facilitate workplace mediation sessions to create harmony within your teams.

Project scoping

We can scope out your intended HR projects, assist with due diligence and present costings to free up your time

Policy & procedures

Policy & procedures With the ever-changing industrial relations space, ensure you are compliant and up to date by engaging us to review or write your company policies.

Performance management

Struggling with an employee? We can work with your leaders by guiding and upskilling on effective performance management.

Exiting employees

Redundancies, terminations, exit interviews and outplacement services are all technical processes that we can assist with or manage for you.

Claim management

Claim management We can assist you with any Workers compensation, Unfair dismissal, adverse action or human rights claim.

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